My old pedalboard

My old pedalboard served me well for almost 10 years. (Click here to checkout my new pedalboard.)

I could plug it to one or two amps (thanks to the Goodwood Audio Output module).

The external loop (send/return connection on the left patch-panel) was placed before the delay and reverb. It could be used for additional effects or for a preamp.

At home, I used it with a Victory Countess V4 preamp in the external loop and the outputs in stereo mode sent to a GFI Cabzeus cabinet simulator and finally to my Focusrite Scarlet sound interface.

The One Control Salamandra Tail Loop offered three loops fully re-orderable. That was great for exploring different configuration, for example placing the distortion before or after the phaser or flanger.

The Digitec RV-7 Reverb was later replaced by a GFI Specular Tempus.




The complete pedalboard

Guitar input

Preamp loop and main outputs

Underside with the big MXR power supply

The secondary power supply and the mono/stereo output module

The 3-loops switcher

Another view of the switcher

The left patch panel with the send/return loop to the preamp and the main left & right outputs