My DIY Eurorack case

I built my own case with a kit from GinkoSynthese.

The power supply is a 100W HammerPWR SET from Konstant Lab.

The full rack draws about 80W of power. The installed PSU is powerful enough but heats up a lot. I have measured up to 80°C on the surface of the black DC-DC converters.

I installed a fan which helps a lot and lowers the temperature of the DC-DC converters by almost 10°C.

However, I am not a fan of this configuration and I will replace the 100W module with two 70W modules. The fan will remain in place but will probably only be used in summer when the temperature in my tiny homestudio exceeds 25°C.

The full configuration of the rack is in MODULARGrid.

Below are some photos to illustrate the construction of this case.

The kit

Checking the placement of the power supply

Mounting the rails to check if everything fits

Gluing, sanding and application of the coating (adhesive velvet)

Installation of the power supply

First installation of the modules, check of the power supply temperature

Cutting a hole for a fan

Installation of the fan and an ambient temperature probe

Interior views