Rossum Mob Of Emus


Option button

Latching :



CV inputs

6 modes :

Any parameter with all channels affected simultaneously :

Only one of the following parameter, with individual control per channel :

CV Mode selection :

Double-click & Hold the Option button. To select a new mode, click the appropriate Preset button.

CV input reassignement

  1. click+hold (min 3sec) channel selector with # equal to the CV input # (1)
    1. channel led flashes --> CV input #
    2. preset led --> destination
  2. optional: select new target channel with channel selector

(1) the channel # is used to define the CV input #



Channel initial freq (before CV) = Frequency * Octave * Harmonic # * Variation



Make some good baseline presets.

Preset 1: all channels same wave, speed, preferred tap/trig setting and each CV input assigned to trigger.

My favorite trick I realized with MoE is holding Option and pressing Hex, which puts you in "Option lock" mode. The LEDs all constantly display what each channel is doing, and the knobs are all locked to their secondary functions. I find this to be the mode in which the module is the most immediately "playable" because you get a visual indication of what you're doing, plus the secondary functions - in Hex mode especially - are really the ones that you want to be tweaking on the fly, IMO. I basically keep mine in Option lock all the time and only drop back to the main function layer when necessary, and I find I get more use out of it like that.